Management policy of Q & L Planning and Advising Ltd.

To belong to the high top of our activities All our services are based on and motivated by our commitment to quality and environment.

We comply with the new demands of services and continuous changes of legal conditions continuously, keeping our commitment to quality, profession and environment.

Each colleague (contracted as well) of our Company is aware of the importance of impartiality in validity or verification activities. By all means, our Company ensures the objectivity of validation or verification activities. We manages conflict of interest by proper procedures established in Management system. [ISO 14065:2013, 5.4.1 b)]
Efficient and successful work of the Company Each colleague (contracted as well) of ours is encouraged to open communication and to share every ideas to increase efficiency, success and level of quality. We intend to work in a creative and open atmosphere.
Colleagues with high competence, up-to-date knowledge Our aim is to raise our results further by continuous and customized professional, knowledge and application legal regulations and service quality improvement trainings
Our colleagues are most significant means to achieve our aims Our colleagues are our basic and essential sources. Pledge of our success is teamwork, we combine skills and knowledge of different professional competences and experiences of our colleagues