Quality management and environmental management systems

Establishing ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management systems, or continuous monitoring and development of existing systems

Verification of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission report

Verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reports for installations concerned EU Emission Trade Scheme (EU ETS). This report has to be verified yearly by an accredited organization authorized for this activity, before the operator submits it to the competent authority (NKVH). Verification of the reported emission data includes investigation of emission and monitoring system, data of emission report and furthermore justification of credibility of these data according to the requirements determined in valid, actual legal regulations

For EU-ETS III. (2013-2020) trading period, our Company acquired the necessary Accreditation certificate to perform verification activity, on 20.02.1014., as the first Company in Hungary, on 25.01.2018. reaccreditation was performed, furthermore on 24.01.2019 activity 98 was added to certificate, and on 19.12.2019 base of certificate was modified to 2018/2067/EU regulation.

Verification activity is applied to the fields of mineral material industry, production of ceramics, chemical industry and energy supply.

NAH-10-0001_2018 akkreditálási okirat-98-al-teljes-2067_Q&L Kft, 547 K

By all means, our Company ensures the objectivity of validation or verification activities. We manages conflict of interest by proper procedures established in Management system. [ISO 14065:2013, 5.4.1 b)]

Information request from appeals- and complaints-handling processes may be available on accesses on Contact page

Expert works of environmental protection

As an external representative or expert, we provide solutions for issues concerning environmental protection (air pollution, management of water, sewage, noise, waste)

Other expert works

Expert judgement of applications for construction products, preparation of expert reports for in the fields of glass and ceramics

Establishing of Factory Production Control (FPC)

As a base of marketing of construction products, establishment of Factory Production Control (FPC) system, professional consultancy for acquirement of certification, in case of relevant harmonized standard, establishing the conditions of use of CE marking and Declaration of performance.